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Sleep Medicine Outpatient Services

Our Sleep Medicine Outpatient Clinic bridges the gap between independent practice physicians and our in-house Sleep Laboratory, established in 1991. Originally launched to address sleep-related breathing disorders, our facility has evolved into a comprehensive resource for both adults and children experiencing a variety of sleep-wake disturbances. Annually, we extend our expert care to approximately 5,000 patients. Healthcare professionals are encouraged to refer their patients to our Sleep Center. Appointments can be arranged via telephone, with a referral letter prepared in advance. Patients also have the liberty to book their consultations directly. Access our service hours through the following link.

Initial Consultation Insights

Your inaugural visit involves a detailed consultation with a sleep specialist, focusing on your sleep patterns and behaviors. Depending on the initial assessment, further diagnostic tests such as pulmonary function tests, ECG, blood analysis, or chest X-rays may be conducted. A significant aspect of this evaluation includes the provision of a home-based sleep monitoring device, designed to record vital physiological functions overnight. Our team ensures you're well-instructed on its application before you leave, allowing for a seamless integration into your nighttime routine. The device's presence is subtly integrated, ensuring no disruption to your sleep. Upon returning the device the following day, a brief analysis of the recorded data will be discussed with you. A two-day medical examination certificate is available upon request. Additional assessments, like a sleep diary or actigraphy, may be suggested to further understand your sleep health.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Please ensure to bring a referral from your primary healthcare provider or specialist to the Interdisciplinary Sleep Medicine Center at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin. A valid medical insurance card is required, with privately insured patients needing only a proof of insurance.

The Sleep Laboratory Experience

Post-consultation, patients may be referred to our sleep laboratory for in-depth analyses. Equipped with 10 individual rooms, our lab specializes in overnight cardiorespiratory Polysomnography (PSG), a cornerstone diagnostic tool in sleep medicine. Additional diagnostics, such as blood pressure monitoring, long-term ECG, comprehensive EEG analyses, and daytime fatigue assessments, may be performed to ensure a thorough evaluation. Results are promptly discussed with patients and communicated to the referring physician. For laboratory stays, we recommend bringing prescription documentation, nightwear, personal care items, reading material, or a personal pillow. Rooms are furnished with a TV for leisure use.

Sleep Lab Schedule

Diagnostic stay: 1-3 nights

Therapy adjustment: 1-3 nights

Therapy optimization: 1-2 nights

EEG analysis: 3-4 nights